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Chief Geologist

Leads the geological team in exploring new mining areas, assessing geological data, and ensuring resource estimation accuracy.

Mining Engineers

Plan, design, and oversee the mining operations, ensuring optimal safety, efficiency, and sustainability

Environmental Manager

Ensures the company's adherence to environmental laws and standards. Develops and oversees environmental conservation programs.

Health and Safety Manager

Develops and enforces safety protocols. Conducts safety training and ensures compliance with health and safety regulations.

Human Resources Manager

Manages staffing, recruitment, employee relations, benefits, training, and compliance with labor laws.

Logistics Manager

Oversees the transportation of materials, manages supply chain, and ensures the timely delivery of resources.

Community Relations Manager

Manages relationships with local communities, governments, and stakeholders. Oversees corporate social responsibility programs.

Legal Counsel

Provides legal advice, ensures compliance with mining laws and regulations, and handles legal matters related to contracts, agreements, and disputes.

Marketing and Sales Manager

Develops marketing strategies and oversees the sales of minerals. Manages customer relationships and market research.

Heavy Equipment Operators

Operates heavy machinery used in the mining process such as excavators, loaders, and dump trucks.


Operates drilling equipment to create blast holes in the mining area for exploration and extraction.


Handles the use of explosives for blasting operations in line with safety regulations.


Maintains and repairs mining equipment and vehicles, ensuring they are operational and meet safety standards.

Truck Drivers

Transports materials from the mining site to processing facilities or storage areas.

Processing Plant Operators

Manages the operation of the processing plant, including the equipment used for crushing, grinding, and mineral extraction.


Conducts land surveys for exploration purposes and maps out mining areas.

Laboratory Technicians

Conducts mineral sample testing and analysis in the laboratory.

Administrative Staff

Provides administrative support, including clerical duties, record-keeping, and office management.

Security Personnel

Ensures the security of the mining site, equipment, and personnel.